Friday, 11 July 2014

Content marketing tips #3 – keyword positioning

Careful keyword positioning helps to get your online content found by search engines.

Competing for that all important front page position on Google can seem like an impossible task. However, a few simple steps can make a huge difference to your search engine rankings.

Free Keyword position tools


Research which keyword(s) or phrase to compete for using free tools such as Google Keyword Planner:

Keyword-Position.Com offers you a free tool to check the position of keywords in major search engines Google, Yahoo & MSN:

Location, location, location

You can convince search engines that your content is dedicated to the keyword(s) or phrase chosen by including it in strategic places such as the heading,  sub-headings, and opening paragraphs.

Less is more

Make sure keywords and phrases don’t make up more than 3% of your overall content by using this free keyword density tool:

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