Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Aligning your intranet strategy with business objectives

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Justifying the cost of a new intranet to those that hold the purse strings can be extremely challenging. 
To help your business case, make sure you identify clear objectives that are linked to corporate  outcomes and build  your intranet strategy around these. For example, your objectives might be linked to:
  •    Facilitating the reduction of email traffic
  •    Sharing of information quickly across geographical locations
  •    Increasing cross-departmental collaboration
  •    Document management and version control
  •    Communicating and securing buy-in for business events
Discussion point - What strategies did you / will you use to influence decision makers and secure support for the development of your intranet? 
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Action point - Identify the business objectives for your intranet and make sure they are understood by key decision makers. Talk to key individuals separately to make sure they have fully understood the benefits a modern intranet will bring before presenting the business case at Board level.

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