Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Sustaining your investment in an intranet

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A new intranet is likely to require a substantial financial investment by your organisation. Make sure you get the best return on investment by maintaining as much control over future phases of development as possible.

Action point – Think about who will own the source code of any bespoke development work carried out – your organisation or a third party supplier. What will happen if you want to make changes to this code in the future – will changing it put you in breach of any service level agreements held?

Action point – If you plan to own and modify source code written as part of your intranet development, make sure the developer adds detailed commenting to the code, so it can be better understood by other programmers who access it later on.

Action point – If a third party is developing your intranet, make sure key employees within your organisation have the opportunity to learn how the new technology is configured, as it is being developed (build and learn). This way, you ensure knowledge is transferred throughout the process.

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