Friday, 30 May 2014

Intranet accessibility

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Discussion point -  How can you future proof your intranet as much as possible, for example, by ensuring it continues to be supported on ext generation devices and platforms?

The end user adoption rate of a new intranet will be linked, in part, to it's ease of use. Make sure employees will be able to access their new intranet regardless of:  physical ability;  geographical location; operating system / device (laptop, smart-phone, tablet) used.
Action point – At the start of your project, agree the accessibility standards that your intranet will have to meet, for example, conformance with standards.

Action point – Think about how employees will need to access the intranet. Will they need access via VPN or a smart phone? Linked to this, what range of operating systems will the new intranet need to be compatible with?
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